President Trump

I see widespread consternation on the prospect of Mr Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination for their Presidential Candidate, and on the distinct possibility that he could defeat Mrs Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee. The unease of seeing Mr Trump in the White House exists not only within the United States, but almost all over the world (may be, except Russia).

Why ?

Mr Trump has scared off Mexicans, all kinds of Immigrants, Muslims, and a variety of others. He has scared off even American women. He has used obscenities not becoming of a potential President of the U.S. He has vilified his Republican opponents. He has challenged the dominance of the G.O.P. policy makers and king makers. He is volatile, virulent, vitriolic and simply iconoclastic. He has put off all moderates and left wingers. He has put off the U.K. Parliamentarians, who even tried to ban him from ever entering the U.K. He has attacked China, and even India in a latest tweet charging that India is taking away jobs from the Americans. And the litany goes on and on.

However, Mr Trump has two critical support systems in place: the White, Male, Christian voter base (the “Christian” base is divided between him and Candidate Ted Cruz), and even some African Americans (I cannot fathom their support rationale). The other major supporter he has is President Vladimir Putin of Russia. Yes, can you guess that ? Mr Trump has been very vocal in extending his support to President Putin, stating that “he can do business with President Putin”, despite all the cold war going on between the Western nations on the one side and Russia on the other side.

I think that if the U.S. and Russia can make peace, that would determine the course of social, political and economic development of the world. Though Russia is no longer a formidable economic power, it still wields nuclear and political power over much of Europe. For Europe to live in peace, it needs the support of Russia. Europe is living in a dream world if it thinks that the U.S. can ultimately defend Europe against Russian aggression. One has to just look at the map of Europe and Russia, and you would know in a second that it does not take much effort for Russia to give the tremors to its European friends.

Why even think of the prospect of another Cold War ? The world has come a long way from those old days, pre-1989, when both the superpowers had their fingers on the nuclear triggers all the time. The world held its breath most of the time, when the U.S. and the erstwhile U.S.S.R. fought various battles in the Security Council and on the spy lanes of most European capitals. After the Berlin Wall fell, most of that cloak and dagger stuff dropped for a long while but then picked up during the late Nineties. Nevertheless, the spying was discrete and most of the time things were sorted out in secret.

But now, all games are out in the open.

President Trump would become friends with President Putin. He might give tough time to the constituents that he has threatened during the course of his election campaign, but I believe that Presidents are very different from Presidential Candidates. They become more sober once elected to Office. They become pragmatists rather than maintain their beliefs and dogmas. I hope to see that change in President Trump.

You all think that I really believe that President Trump is a real possibility. I say, why not ? It is surely possible. Let us not discount it. Let us remember that Americans are tired and want a real outsider to run their government. They want to shake up things but within their Democratic system – that is possible only when a rank outsider who has never held government office becomes the President.

I welcome the prospect of Mr Trump assuming office of the President of the U.S. come January 2017.


Vijay Srinivasan

6th March 2016


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