Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

My family was looking for dinner options, and my wife came up with this suggestion of a Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant – the Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant located at Quality Hotel Marlow in Balestier Street.

This locale for a restaurant is not usual. I was not even aware there was such a place as the “Quality Hotel Marlow” in Singapore. After finding the place, we located the Lotus restaurant on the second floor of the hotel, and it looked like a traditional Chinese restaurant [we came to know that they are from Taiwan].

The food was good – all 100% vegetarian. But the service was terrible. In fact, it is better not to expect any service at all. Everything is self-service anyway. The variety of the spread is very good, lots of dim sum, vegetables, tofu, et al. Ice Kacang, anyone ? Ice Creams as well, but not great. Salads, pastas, available from special counters. Desserts were good. You have soups and drinks as well included in the buffet price of SGD 26.

I loved the brown rice and the variety of fried noodles. Good quality food.

The crowd inside the restaurant mostly appeared to be tourists staying at the hotel. There were few locals and hardly any Indians. I am used to my almost daily Chinese lunch, so the variety at Lotus proved to be a great enhancement.

Some folks won’t like it though. The taste buds may not work after all !

I would recommend this place for an early evening dinner, but go with a reservation. And, do not expect great service of any sort. Take care of yourself, all by yourself. Then you won’t regret.

Good Chinese food.


Vijay Srinivasan

13th March 2016


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