Painless Customer Service

Doesn’t exist, right ?

Yes, you are probably right. Customer Service delivered over the phone to the consumer is mostly “painful”, so to say. It does not meet the requirements of the customer’s call on most occassions, and it rarely ever exceeds one’s expectations.

I recently had the “opportunity” to speak to a variety of customer service representatives – in banks, in cable TV provider, in broadband internet provider, etc., in Singapore. You would think that the standards and benchmarks set in Singapore should be really good, if not fantastic world beaters.

Don’t be surprised.

It is no different in Singapore, as compared to India or the U.S. I am always surprised by the fact that companies do not get this aspect of their operations right, given that the representative that the customer speaks to is often the “face” of the company. Rarely ever we get to know the senior management, CEO, or even the middle level operations managers responsible for the company’s performance. Or, even get to speak to them. I was put off many a time when my request to speak to the “supervisor” was turned down, with flimsy reasons such as he/she was not available to take my call. And, it is indeed very rare that any customer service operation would return your call, even when there is an agreement reached that they will get in touch with you in a few hours. I can only recall just one instance when that word was kept up.

The banks are funny. They generate lots of internal “policy” reasons not to deliver on the request that I was making, even after all the verifications. Obviously they are too scared of any mistakes or scandals. But the request could be as simple as a change of address. There is no way one can change the address even after one has logged into his bank account. That option to “update personal particulars” is not provided in most cases [the insurance companies in Singapore provide that flexibility using the Two-Factor Authentication]. This would mean one has to turn up at his/her bank’s branch during office hours and effect the change. The banks also ask lots of questions as verification points to put you off, expecting you to make a mistake. One usual question is “what is your credit limit on your credit card”; another one is “do you have a trading account”. And so on and so forth. But after all these questions, they might decline to make any change !

In the case of broadband internet service providers, the situation is far worse. Technical queries on a non-working modem could result in a response like “we will ask our sales person to contact you”. What ? And, when I asked why would that be necessary in a technical problem resolution mode, the answer is that “the only way to move forward is to have our sales person talk to you and fix the problem !??”. Problems which could be fixed on their side would get delayed because the representative is not knowledgeable enough to understand the question. Because of this lack of knowledge required to address customer’s queries, the representative puts you on hold for an average of 12 minutes in my experimentation. I would say that the wait time is too long on my mobile phone for which I am paying.

Given that customer service still continues to play a critical role in customer satisfaction, I am not able to fathom the rationale of corporations which cut their investment on this crucial aspect of their business. Take my broadband provider’s case for instance. I have only 7 months left in my two year special price contract with them. My current experience and the problems I have faced with their customer service has led me to think seriously on alternative options which are now available at a cheaper rate in the market. Well, my customer service experience might even deteriorate with the new provider, but atleast I pay less.

I have contemplated on the possibility of posting my real experiences on my Facebook account or on the Facebook account of the service provider. Nothing wrong with that, but I am still thinking. I amy not have more time to keep writing on the same stuff !

Think Customer Service !


Vijay Srinivasan

13th March 2016


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