Woodhaven California Chardonnay

In general, I prefer to drink New Zealand, Australian or Chilean whites. I have developed a liking for the great wines from down under and from the “new world” over the years.

Amongst the California wines that I have occasionally tried, Robert Mondavi stands apart from most others. When I go shopping for wines, I rarely pick from the California shelf if one exists. Of late, my strong preference has been for great Chilean wines and South African wines as well.

I probably wanted to surprise myself by picking up a bottle of Chardonnay when I was under some time pressure. I picked the Woodhaven 2013 California Chardonnay at a very attractive price. I was hoping it would not belie my hope – if it did, then that would be the last time I pick a California white.

Well, well, my hope were not belied. The Woodhaven Chardonnay was very fruity and very delicious. It was bursting with fruity flavours like I have not seen before – the aromas of pears and peaches could be deciphered along with flavours of apples and pineapples. It was easy drinking, so easy that I almost had two glasses instead of my usual single. Very good wine with an excellent price – I hope they come up with more such offerings.

I would strongly suggest you try out the Woodhaven Chardonnay. It is a juicy fruity wine with strong fruity aromas and delicious flavours which engulf you.

I am going to buy one more bottle. The price I got was SGD 16.50 which I thought was reasonable for such a good white. If you search wine buying sites in the U.S., you are likely to see a price of USD 11.

Try it !


Vijay Srinivasan

20th March 2016


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