Hillary Vs Trump

The U.S. and the World are indeed gearing up for the electoral fight between two of the most unpopular Presidential Candidates ever to make it to the nomination by the respective Parties (Democratic and Republican) in the U.S. Presidential Elections. We will know the final result only by November 2016. However, the fight for the nominations has been vigorous, unrelenting, and not so polished as we all have witnessed over the past year or so. In some cases, the Candidates have demeaned themselves and the image of the U.S. in the eyes of the World by their indifferent and sometimes very bad utterances.

It is difficult to dismiss such statements as hubris of an election fight. Statements by potential U.S. Presidential Candidates affect not only Americans but also the entire World. given the importance of the U.S. in the World Economy, Society and Politics. We have to take each statement seriously. And, when one of the Candidates utters a very damaging sentence, he or she cannot take it back and hide behind semantics. It means what it does mean.

You know where I am coming to – it is impossible not to get impacted by “high-power” and vicious statements. Both Parties are culpable. Both Parties let money take centre stage with their Super PAC funding of the electoral Candidates. Money plays a huge role in American Politics, as it does in many other countries. So, Democracy is not blemishless. It has its own dimension of corruption. If all monies are accounted for, it does not mean there is “no corruption”. Whether publicly accounted or not, corruption is just corruption – it should not have been tolerated in the first place. This means that the most well-funded and supported Candidate can in fact, have a better chance to win the Elections in the U.S. which should not be the case. All Candidates should have equal chance in an ideal democracy which does not exist.

President Hillary Clinton is a distinct possibility come January 2017. She would be the first woman President in the history of the U.S. But she needs to prove that she is indeed a “man” in the White House, so I would not be surprised if she becomes trigger happy – meaning becoming more aggressive in the fight against purported terrorists by firing more missiles ! She is also likely to take a rather aggressive stance against Russia by expanding NATO’s sphere of influence. She is sure to support Wall Street, which has continuously funded her. She will expand ObamaCare coverage. She will come up with some new Socialist Agenda. She needs to show that she cares for the American Middle Class. She will expand trade initiatives. She will not counter China’s expansionist tendencies in the South China Sea. She will support India in the global scheme of things. She will supply more F-16s to her old friend, Pakistan.

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, is likely to become friendly with President Putin and outsource Middle East to Russia. He is likely to reduce involvement with the U.K. (he anyway does not like Prime Minister Cameron), and the NATO. He will fight against China, however. He will be very selective about spending money outside the U.S. He will make abortion illegal. He may not like trade expansionism, and is likely to levy an import tax on Chinese goods imported into the U.S. Mexico may not be his favourite country, and he will try to erect a wall across the border. He will downsize ObamaCare. He will fight with the Congress, with both Parties. He will reduce the number of H1B visas issued out every year. The Defence Chiefs will not like him.

Well, we really don’t know. All these are guesses. But one thing is clear. America is on the cusp of a revolution if Trump becomes the President. He is unpredictable and clearly has no experience in governance and foreign policy, or any aspect of government for that matter. Hillary, of course, does know how to run the State Department, though she did not do a fine job of it. She knows the government and budgeting. She knows foreign policy. She also knows defence and national security.

Who will you vote for? It is somewhat like the question you ask in India – Congress or the BJP? Do you want change from the status quo? Or, you want things be like what they are today?

I would vote for Donald Trump. America needs to first take care of itself, it has to ensure that its citizens get what they deserve. It cannot be focussed only on the external world all the time. It is critical to address the problems and challenges of Americans first. That might take a few years, but it should be the first priority of governance. Other stuff can go on with less priority, with a little less attention. Trump promises that to the American citizens.

My guess is that most Americans are buying into that slightly “myopic” vision, but it is not a wrong one for the U.S.


Vijay Srinivasan

22nd May 2016


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