Fabulous Sweet White from Argentina

Readers of my Blog have undoubtedly noticed my inclination towards wines. Over the past nearly 15 years, I have been a wine drinker, and have rarely ever resisted the allure of a good wine with my dinner. Luckily, unlike many of my colleagues and friends, I am not a beer or “hard” alcohol drinker – I never enjoyed such drinks except for a very occasional single malt on the rocks. An occasional beer is fine too, especially when wine selection is bad as often happens in bars.

Drinking can be contained by applying a simple rule of “buy only when you get a good wine at cheap price” – this is not impossible. A cheap price in Singapore is good wine at less than SGD 20 (around INR 950 or less or USD 15 or less). Of course, this means one is on the lookout for something good whenever one goes grocery shopping. When my wife loses me in a supermarket, she does not worry – after finishing her shopping she will usually come over to the wine section and there, voila, she always finds me reading at the labels on wine bottles!

For a while now, I have been on the lookout for a sweet white wine, not the usual dry Chardonnays I usually end up with. When I was walking out of a meeting at Suntec City recently, I chanced upon this wine shop near the escalator the car park with number of wines on sale. I walked in and there was no one inside! Browsed around and then picked up “Birds & Bees” Sweet White wine from the Mendoza region of Argentina, which is considered to be one of the top 10 wine capitals of the world. It was on offer at SGD 19.90 which I always think is a good price for a decent wine!

The wine did not disappoint me at all. My wife also liked it a lot, which is a strong endorsement as she is critical of my usual wine selection. There was a great flavour/fragrance in this wine something like coming from a flower. The fruitiness was unbeatable – a mix of peaches, pears and mangoes. Amazing on the palate – I drank the wine like it is a fruit juice almost!! Very pleasant and happiness-inducing!!!

The refreshing sweetness of the wine has won over me, and I intend to pick up at least another bottle soon. In the meanwhile, folks – enjoy your wines and alcoholic drinks responsibly, and don’t drink and then drive. It is highly irresponsible.


Vijay Srinivasan

12th June 2016





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