The Bistro Experience

Our family decided to go for a real “bistro” experience in Singapore recently over the past weekend.

We chose the Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro in Tanglin after some research. There are many bistros in Singapore, so choosing one is a tough proposition. One has to take a chance and try out a few.

The Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro experience was good, I would rate them good on the food and service. The ambience, while offering a decent environment, was marred by a lot of noise from a very crowded place on a Saturday morning, with many folks waiting to get in without making a reservation. I would not go for breakfast or lunch, but may be for a nice cup of coffee and pastries another time.

While my family members liked their respective food choices, I had some trouble dealing with an average spaghetti with mushroom meal (vegetarian) which was rather oily (a bit soggy) and defunct of a mushroom density that I had expected while ordering. I ordered the full or larger portion, but I got what appeared to be a half portion, so I checked with the waiter who confirmed it was a full portion indeed. I was surprised. In any case, this spaghetti was not on par with my other spaghetti experiences in Italian restaurants on the island.

The Truffle Fries was really good (better than the one at the famous PS Cafe), the Brownie Parfait and the Triple X Chocolate cake were simply outstanding. I would clearly vote for the Triple X spongy chocolate cake anyday – very well made and very delicious, though I had only couple of small pieces sliced off the big traingle of a cake.

I did not have the Erdinger beer (which I prefer while the choice of wine is limited) for two reasons – it was lunch time and I was driving. Almost everyone in the lunch scenario was having either a beer, a stout or a wine…….giving the impression that Singapore is fast approaching an European ambience at lunch, if only you care to walk into a tavern-based bistro like this one.

I was unhappy about the parking charges in the post office building in which the bakery bistro was located – they were overcharging……for a little over 2 hours, I paid SGD 7.81, which is rather criminal, given that outside the Central Business District (where this building is located, though very close to Orchard Road) it cost an average of SGD 2 per hour or even less. Unfortunately, such overcharging spoils one’s mood when one is exiting after a good lunch, though there may be no connection between the parking service and the bistro bakery itself. May be the bakery needs to advice the patrons to park elsewhere, may be at the cheaper Tanglin Mall across the road for instance.

In a nutshell, the Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro is a good choice for bistro lovers with a penchant for Western food, and eclectic drinks (such as the Berry Green which I tried out). Not inexpensive though. It was apparent many of the diners were there for the first time, as they were focused on taking pictures of the surroundings (the tavern experience), and taking selfies/mulfies, and even asking the waiters to take pictures of themselves.



Vijay Srinivasan

7th August 2016







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