Kleine Parys Chenin Blanc Vintage 2016

Lovely White from “Paarl” or Pearl region of the Cape in South Africa, near Cape Town.

This is the first time I ran into a Chenin Blanc from South Africa. Elegant fresh wine with a greenish tint, with intense citrus flavours, and a fruity palate.

Klein Parys is the oldest wine estate of the Paarl region. It is now owned and run by the renowned Kosie Muller and his family. Kosie Muller has won many international awards for his outstanding wines over the years. With a lovely Mediterranean climate, warm days and cool, crisp nights, it is no wonder that the grapes are of outstanding quality with a fruitiness which favours the Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay (apart from the reds of course). So, I was indeed enjoying a wine produced from luscious white grapes from one of the most well-established vineyards of the famous Paarl region!

Chenin Blancs are easy to drink (I compared this wine with the Sula Chenin Blanc from India which is lighter and sweeter), and can be had on their own without any accompaniments. It is a versatile wine with high acidity which causes a “tingling” sensation on the palate as you enjoy it.

My conclusion?

I found yet another great vineyard, ready for further exploration. These discoveries are urging me to make a visit to South Africa soon. A wine tour of the Cape Town area will surely be included as part of my itinerary, if and when I make the long trip to South Africa (11 hours long flight from Singapore).

Excellent Chenin Blanc from Kleine Parys vineyard. Drink it and enjoy it. Don’t drink and drive. Act responsibly.


Vijay Srinivasan

4th September 2016






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