The Powerful PINK Movie

This is a riveting film from Bollywood which will keep you transfixed for some 136 minutes of powerful drama.

This movie is not a thriller – it is very impactful real-life drama from a male-dominated society which views women with a different lens as compared to men. Towards the latter half of the movie there are some very powerful courtroom questioning of the accused and the victim (roles reversed actually) and also some of the witnesses. Amitabh Bachchan delivers an excellent performance, though initially his role and contribution were difficult to comprehend.

I am not reviewing this movie per se, but I thought it would be best if I share some of my views on the lessons of this movie. This is almost a real movie, some of it based on the December 2012 rape of an innocent girl on a moving bus in that infamous city of Delhi. Most of it is, however, based on what happens in women’s lives on a routine basis when they simply go about their lives. They are harassed at every turn of their daily lives. They are teased and winked about all over a major city, when they have to use public transportation – they have no choice of course. They are molested by touching by hardcore and immoral youth and other adult men, who make use of every available opportunity to do so.

The PINK movie would make you avoid the city of Delhi, but things happen in all Indian cities and rural areas. As I was thinking hard about this movie and its impact, I sometimes felt ashamed to be of Indian origin (though such things happen in many countries, but Indians have made it a regular affair) – I do not wish to hide this fact (of being ashamed of the status of Indian society and the unacceptable behaviour of Indian men towards women).

Delving deeper into my psyche, I started questioning the usefulness of Indian heritage and culture, which almost every Indian claims to be of superior value to mankind in general. I know I was entering a vague frame of mind sometimes, but as I thought through the matter of why Indian males have a superiority complex and why Indian women have long been subjugated, it became crystal clear that the Indian society and its morals need to be questioned. The corruption of the male mind and the intervention of political power have combined to create a caustic and toxic situation, in which females are considered OK to be teased, touched, molested and raped whenever convenient and appropriate. The result is that both powerful individuals (powered by their wealth, position and political/mafia power in society) and poor folks from rural areas, have gotten into their minds that molesting women is fair play and it is unlikely they will ever be challenged or punished. This goes with the implicit connivance of a corrupt society which is loose on morals while proclaiming allegiance to swamijis, gurus and gods; and, also stating that women are like the gods of the society.

When educated people like us turn a blind eye towards atrocities against women in society, the society further weakens as it takes our behaviour as approval of what is going on. We cause grievous injury to an already fragile fabric. The bad boys gain the upper hand, and continue to dominate. All this spirals into a cataclysm of irretrievable status for women in India from which they could never recover.

The manner in which law enforcement officers behave in India is shameful as portrayed in the PINK movie which is apparently the usual way in which things do happen. Police has to be the guardian of women, children and the downtrodden, but they are not. The manner in which the Police Officer crumbles in the courtroom under intense questioning of what is a fake FIR (First Information Report, which is the report of an incident filed with the Police Station) demonstrates the weak mental make-up of policemen in general, the influence of the politicians who intervene illegally, and the repercussions that police behaviour has on the society.

As more women become breadwinners of their families, and more women become assertive, we can and should expect them to rise up against the injustice of the society which is a corrupt and unjust society anyway. I would not say “no” to women being allowed to carry self-protective devices (especially in Delhi and much of North India) to combat unrelenting abuse and molest attempts by immoral men. Society conniving or not, time has come for Indian women to send a strong message via multiple fronts, one of these being the Court of Law.

As parents, it has become extremely critical to educate our children, especially the boys, about the equal value and importance of womenfolk in society. Boys should not grow up into adults who are already mentally corrupted and biased against women. We should collectively ensure that. We should also hire more women than men in corporate jobs, and that could change the minds of men. Many corporations are learning now that management balance and diversity leads to a higher quality engagement with all stakeholders.

In a nutshell, PINK is a powerful movie with valuable lessons for society. It is a must-see movie for the entire family, despite some unpalatable dialogues.

See it ! You will see how powerful it is !!


Vijay Srinivasan

24th September 2016







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