Vladimir Putin and World Peace

World Peace over the coming few months is precariously balanced on the broad shoulders of Vladimir Putin who is the President of Russia. It appears no one, let alone the CIA, is able to decipher the mind of Putin. He appears tough, he does not talk that tough, but his actions speak much louder than any of his words.

If there is a contest between President Obama and President Putin for world dominance, who do you think will win? My bet would be on Putin, it is more of a lack of confidence on Obama than a complete and full endorsement of Putin. When a super power flexes its muscles, what should the only other super power do? There is no script for such action, but it has always been clear that actions match and speak to actions, rather than small talk.

On that count, the U.S. loses against Russia. The world in general (except China), would like the U.S. to win, of course. The allies of the U.S. would like it to win for sure. Even Russia appears to be puzzled – why is America not sounding deterministic, as it always does in similar circumstances? What would President Reagan have done under the same situation?

The response of the U.S. to the Syrian scenario is devastating. Why would you let someone continue to bomb Aleppo and kill civilians? Why would the U.N. not intervene? Of course, Russia vetoed the latest French-led resolution in the Security Council – but then vetoes are not meant for continued bombing and killing of innocent citizens.

The U.S. has failed to stop the massacre – it had several chances.

President Putin has obviously been testing the U.S. and playing games in the global war game. He does not wish to lose the last Russian bastion in the Middle East, viz., Syria. He is doing whatever he can during the final lap of the forthcoming U.S. Presidential Elections, when a country is particularly vulnerable. Is he smart? Of course, he is, right? Russia is back to its Cold War games, and the U.S. and the Western Alliance have no answers to tackle a rather powerful Super Power with all kinds of known and unknown weapons, and nuclear missiles.

What will happen if the new President of the U.S. is determined to put Russia in its place? President Hillary Clinton will surely try to do. Then things will get really interesting and rather dangerous and complicated, and the whole world could suffer an irretrievable fiasco of global dimensions. If President Clinton imposes an unilateral “No Fly Zone” across all of Syrian skies, and strictly enforces the same, what do you think the Russians will do? Let us forget about President Assad’s airforce for a moment. Do you think Putin will acquiesce in front of the world stage, and yield to the new President of the U.S. after all that he has done over the past nearly 3 years?

With one mistake, the world could descend into a Third World War. It is not surprising that Russia is already preparing for urban warfare, training its citizens on civilian emergencies under war situations. Why would a major world military power do that? Russia does not underestimate the power of the U.S. and its Western Allies like the U.K., France and Germany. The NATO alliance can cause significant damage to Russian infrastructure and occupy some of its key cities. Russia will be driven to the exercise of its nuclear armaments, under severe pressure of loss of territory, attack on its infrastructure, and cyber attacks designed to bring down its government institutions and banks.

Is the above situation unimaginable? Surely not.

One can only hope that such a situation is avoided at all costs. The world will be destroyed in a full-fledged nuclear war.

It is therefore, critical for the new President of the U.S. to sit down and talk with Putin. There is no way he is returning Crimea to Ukraine – that is a foregone conclusion. There is no way he is going to surrender Syria to the U.S., again a conclusion based on ground realities. What is important is to work out some arrangements which would ensure that further civilian casualties do not continue, and President Assad stops his attacks on his own citizens. This can surely be achieved.

I do hope the world powers listen and do not precipitate the already very dangerous situation in Syria.

World needs continued peace to ensure its prosperity and safety for its inhabitants.


Vijay Srinivasn

16th October 2018








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