The fiasco of a cracked screen

I never expected this to happen.

Then one day last week, it happened.

It was very painful to witness what happened.

I looked at it again and again, and could only agonize over how it could have easily been prevented.

Never happened to me ever before. Despite my very usual habit of over-using it.

Well, you have guessed what I am talking about, don’t you?

It is my iPhone 6.

I dropped it in a car park, and was sincerely hoping nothing would have happened, like I always do when the phone slips from my hand. I had fortified the back of my phone with a military grade cover, and my phone has always (luckily) fallen on the ground with its cover side facing the ground.

Since the cover ringed around the phone like a solid envelope, I never worried about the screen of the face hitting the ground (as there was a millimetre or so of depth between a flat surface and the screen, provided by the hinge of the back cover).

But this time around, I was not lucky as always. The phone slipped from my hand and fell on the concrete floor at a certain angle, with some force, which allowed the force of the fall to crack the screen. I could feel the minute glass shreds on the edge of the phone which hit the floor, while the rest of the screen was fairly all right, but with a few longish cracks but apparently smooth on the top.

I was devastated at least mentally, as I was going to travel on business to another country. And, I did not have the time to fix the screen. For the first time, I started to place my phone upside down on the table, and ignored the constant beep of messages (the phone was working perfectly all right otherwise). And, I went looking for the ear piece, and started using the same for making and receiving calls, as I did not want some glass shreds entering into my ears during animated and long conversations which sometimes make the screen of the phone somewhat moist.

I somehow pushed through my trip and returned home. I looked for an urgent fix for the screen, and as usual, there were a dozen “fixers” for iPhone problems. I investigated and this time decided to go as per the recommendations on FaceBook. I shortlisted two vendors and called the first one who agreed to fix for a decent price. I did not call the second vendor, and decided to check out the first one who turned out to be pretty good, and fixed the screen in just 15 minutes flat. It was a good experience, and very quick. The vendor gave me a warranty of 3 months, and suggested I get a screen protector which would reduce any future damage.

As I was thinking about this fiasco, it dawned on me that any new phone lasts for only 2 years – more or less the same for every phone I have had, and when the phone contract renewal is just around the corner, the current phone gets into some trouble. My phone contract is due for renewal and recontracting by second week of December, and just a month ahead of that timeline my current phone had a fall, and I had to spend some money.

I will get the iPhone 7 when I recontract for another 2 years, and I thought it will be good to keep a refurbished iPhone 6 as a full backup phone, given the heavy use we are subjecting our phones to – constant tinkering with the phones is a norm these days, not just with teenagers but also with all adults, who walk around condominiums, houses, offices, and even on roads, looking at their respective smartphone screens. People do that even while waiting at traffic intersections in their cars. When the phone beeps, people get up from their slumber and look at their smartphone screen in utter darkness which is not at all good for their eyes.

But this is where technology is taking us – we are all taking a ride, and started forgetting rather quickly how to engage in a conversation.

Welcome to a lot of cracked screens and WhatsApp messaging while doing a variety of things around your house or office!!!


Vijay Srinivasan

19th November 2016




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