Merry Christmas with Blog Anniversary

Dear Folks:

Today is Christmas Day.

A day of peace and tranquillity. A day for prayers and repentance. A day for celebration.

It is also the completion day for my blog’s 11th year in operation. Yes, it has been 11 years (December 2005) since I started my blog during my stay at the Raffles Hospital for a back injury. That day is still vividly clear in my mind. I started to think more seriously about my life, my impact on other folks around me, my future, my childrens’ future, my friends, et al. I came to the conclusion that I can better contribute to people around me and improve myself and my thinking by starting to write regularly.

After some 1,356 posts (as of last weekend) over the past 570 weekends or so, I believe I have accomplished something to approach my goals of starting the blog. Still someway to go before my blog becomes more easily readable and accessible around the world. Still miles to go before I can become wiser to contribute my gray hairs (now it is still black, albeit with some treatment!) to the betterment of society.

I am contemplating on a Sunday morning (25th December Christmas Day) about my walking trip this morning during which I covered more than 10,000 steps (by the Fitbit measurement) and I am searching myself now whether I thought about anything substantive during that fairly long walk for 81 minutes. Nothing much I realized. I was so focused on my gait and speed and the minor traffic along the walkway and the occasional look at my smartphone to see how much I have walked, that I did not think of anything else. I realized that concentration and intense focus are absolutely necessary ingredients for accomplishments of any sort.

Now, I am thinking about Christmas (I am not a Christian) and its message of peace. I am thinking about how beautiful the Sunday morning looks across the lake (reservoir) that I am seeing through my home window. I realized that we do not take time to enjoy the small beauties around us – we just carry on with our lives like a robot, going from one activity to another without deeply thinking through what we are indeed doing. Is life just a chore? Or it is more than a chore? Are people around us just do the same things in their lives? Is there something better we can do with our lives? Can we help improve society and the condition of the poorer folks in society? Are we even sparing 5 minutes in our daily lives to think about anything serious apart from making more money?

Well, well, you are detecting the budding socialist, I would say. Not really though – I believe that all people in this world have to think through what they are doing every day. Simply going through the motions to get through another day is completely stupid and makes one irrelevant in society. After all, we are here in this world to make a good contribution to ourselves and society, right?

Making money is not immoral but hoarding it is surely an indication that you are selfish and only interested in yourselves – after all, you cannot spend all the money you make in your lifetime (even after giving away to your near and dear folks), and some percentage of it (let us say 10%) will be better spent to improve the quality of life of impoverished people around you.

This is exactly what the great religions of the world teach. It is not necessary to be religiously inclined in order to help other people. You can even be selfish to a certain extent (say to an extent of 90%, ha ha ha!!!). As long as you realize that there are a lot of folks out there who do not have the chance of getting a full meal, then you would realize what to do. It is also your duty to educate your kids as to the importance of helping others (not all people, only those that are in real need of a meal, or a dress, or some education). Helping another well-to-do guy is not counted here.

It is Christmas day, and it is a good time to contemplate your life going forward. Forget the past. What are you going to do in 2017 – every month of the coming year? How much time can you allocate for others every month, if not every week? Think and decide.

Here’s Wishing you and your families a Wonderful Christmas, and a fabulous New Year in 2017.


Vijay Srinivasan

25th December 2016



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