“Fracture” the movie

I watched this movie from 2007 just recently and liked the flow of events combined with what my wife described as the success of Anthony Hopkins as always, with “the expected outcome” resembling his previous movies. I am sure you now recognize my badly worded English sentence, and am sorry for that construction.

Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling deliver excellent performances in this movie, which is about a crime of passion which landed in trial with the immediate expectation that the perpetrator would be convicted due to the nature of the “open and shut” case with serious evidence. But it was not to be……..the movie leads you through some unexpected twists during the trial which the district attorney’s office eventually loses. Totally unexpected.

Movies like “Fracture” educate the audience on legal matters. In this case, a reasonable jury member drawn from the public would have rejected the same murder charge being applied to the defendant for the second time (recall the “Double Jeopardy” principle). However, if for the same crime, a different charge is brought froward with appropriate evidence to go by, then the principle does not apply, and the defendant can be prosecuted again.

Of course, in the movie there are several coincidences which work out for the benefit of the story line – like for example, the murderer expects that his wife’s lover would turn up to investigate the crime at his home (which is too much of a coincidence), but the guy does turn up and witnesses the outcome of the crime – his lover lying in a pool of blood which makes him lose control. The other key thing is that the assistant DA (Ryan Gosling) notices the switch of mobile phones with his co-investigator, and then looks at the photo of the murder weapon which is of the same make as the one owned by the police officer who turns up at the murder scene. So, the thought of switching guns enters his mind, again too much of chance, when this should have been assessed right after the crime.

But then, this is just a movie and so things have to happen to perpetuate the story line, and that is exactly what happened. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching the movie just for Anthony Hopkins’s inscrutable performance and Ryan Gosling’s smiling face which is trying to discern that inscrutability of Anthony Hopkins!

Good movie, and since there is no violence can be watched with the family. I am sure your family member are going to seek your wisdom as to what is happening in the movie, and I am sure you will keep it to yourself. I suggest you relish this movie with a glass of wine (may not be enough of course), but then if you wish to think through, I would strongly recommend wine!!

Enjoy the movie and enjoy your wine, have a good finale to the weekend, mates,


Vijay Srinivasan

19th March 2017




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