Movies on board

The Emirates Airlines onboard entertainment is vastly better than that offered in any other world class airline – they specifically beat out Singapore Airlines, which reputedly offers one of the best inflight entertainment systems in the world. Emirates also offers free WiFi for the first two hours, and then just charges USD 1 for usage of up to 500MB of data, which should be more than enough for the entire duration of a long haul flight. I signed up for that, and stayed connected with folks on the ground throughout my flight!

I saw a variety of new movies recently on board the Emirates flights to the U.S. and back. Some of these are listed below, in the order I liked them:

  3. LION
  4. KAHAANI 2
  8. WHY HIM

Except for the last two, the others were excellent choices. I would have written out individual movie reviews, but for the lack of time. I was very impressed with the first three movies, all of them deserve awards. I think HIDDEN FIGURES won some awards.

Some of these movies make the audience think, and that is the true mark of great movies. We enjoy them and simultaneously get impacted in some manner. We think through, and realize that such movies carry very important messages for the audience – they are not just movies, but powerful messages.

THE WHOLE TRUTH is a legal crime thriller which makes you sit up towards the end with its very unexpected and skewed conclusion. HIDDEN FIGURES is about a black woman who excelled in advanced planetary mathematics at NASA. LION is about a boy who gets separated from his family and eventually discovers his mother after almost a quarter century. KAHAANI 2 is about child sexual abuse and the fight of one individual woman to save a very young abused girl. SNOWDEN is about the fugitive ex-NSA operative, Edward Snowden. MISS SLOANE is a fast-moving film about a very effective Washington political lobbyist. PASSENGERS is about a man who wakes up rather early on an inter-planetary mission and tries to figure out what to do to make his time worthwhile for the rest of the flight which would last another 90 years!

In a nutshell, it was good fun to watch these movies. All of the above ones (movie #1 to #7) are great movies, do not miss out on them. Really worth it.

Have a lovely weekend,


Vijay Srinivasan

28th May 2017


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