Deep Insights and Thinking Process

When we fiddle around with something like a smartphone, or a TV remote controller, our mind is not going to think on any big topic of importance. You are struggling with something, or you are searching for something, or you are wondering why the TV remote is not working in the manner it should. Nothing beyond those very mundane things.

Not surprising, right?

So, when do people really think?

I have been thinking about this fascinating topic for the past few days, after my wife asked me to look out of the balcony into the inspiring skyline with absolutely nothing on my mind, which I did.

When I did that, I could see some kind of calmness descend on me, my mind became clear, and I start to think of things which are critical to me, such as my family matters and how to resolve some issues, et al. I even thought how to resolve the Palestinian conflict, can you beat that?

The difference that I understood lay in the way our mind perceives our distractions. When you are messing around with some technological marvels, talking into your Alexa asking it to forecast tomorrow’s weather, playing around with your car’s controls, etc., our mind is pre-occupied. It is not allowed (by you) to think on more important matters. You are constraining the immense utility of your powerful brain. Your mind is thinking through smallish issues that you are forcing it to tackle.

However, things and our perspective change when you do nothing. Yes, do absolutely nothing at all.

This means exactly what it means – just sit there and look out of your window or balcony, or stare into space. You are not seeing anyone, or talking to anyone – you are with yourself, and you are striving to be at peace.

Then what happens? A lot of things happen when you do nothing. Am I taking you for a ride? No.

Just think. Yes, just look out and force your mind to think.

It is not difficult. It might sound like nonsense, it might sound like some mysterious exercise.

It is not.

Just try doing this right now – first close your eyes, while being seated near a window or a balcony or a chair in the nearby park. Keep your eyes closed at least for a minute. Now open your eyes, while keeping your head tilted looking up.

What do you see? Either a blue sky or the sun setting at dusk, or horizon full of green tree tops – something like that, right? Do not look at peoples’ faces, and for this reason, place yourself in a calm quiet place with no traffic.

Once you have seen the serene sky for instance, the next step would be to ask your mind to think about some matter of personal importance to you or your family. It could be the upcoming family vacation, or it could be some wedding in the family, or it might be a great investment opportunity. Or, it could be a political conflict, or a war. It could be problems between countries, etc.,

Your mind now starts to think in a quiet, unimpeded manner. Outline of the problem statement, people involved, issues surrounding the problem, the central issue to be resolved, how to go about resolving the problem, what are the repercussions, etc., You are able to visualize the whole problem in almost a figurative, diagrammatic way. If you keep your mind focused even for a few minutes, you would be surprised of the outcomes – you have had the chance of coming across a variety of ways in which a specific problem can be addressed and resolved in a quiet calm manner without distractions of technology or for that matter, chattering people.

So, now you see the value of thinking in an undistracted, calm manner. It is some kind of meditation as you start with keeping your eyes shut. Keep the mind calm and “ready” to think.

I have decided that this appears to be a better way to think about important things, and so you can now find me gazing out of a balcony or a window oftentimes, looking at the sky or the horizon, and then intensely trying to think of some issue or problem. If my eyes are not focused on anyone, then it could be because of this effort silently going on within my mind.

So, it is time for you to stop meddling around, or fiddling around. It is time to start training your mind to think, not at intervals between tasks, but on a dedicated pattern whenever you feel like taking a “down” time. Do not sleep off! This process is guaranteed to deliver deep insights to yourself. On things of critical importance to you. Try it.

Have a great weekend, folks, and look out of the balcony or window right today,


Vijay Srinivasan

29th September 2018

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