Apple Backup

I have been thinking of backing up my Apple hard disk contents for the past nearly two years !

It is actually just over two years – I bought the iMAC G5 in early January 2006 !!

The backup options are plenty in a place like Singapore, wherein I could have just walked into Sim Lim Tower or Funan Centre, and purchased the drive. I did try to do that during my last two visits to Singapore, but surprisingly it was not easy. I wanted an Apple-compatible 500 GB hard disk with automatic backup, or pushbutton backup. I must have gone through the websites of Maxtor, Seagate, Lacie, and Western Digital multiple times, before I settled on Lacie. My esteemed Apple-oriented corporate colleagues in Singapore recommended either Hitachi or Lacie. One of them, who works for a computer services company, actually runs a mini Apple data centre and an entertainment centre at his house ! Everything about him is Apple !! So, there was no dearth of hard core technical advice.

However, Lacie was hard to get (atleast the model that I wanted). Once such things do not happen, there comes a time gap when other priorities take precedence. After a few months, I started shopping in Mumbai, and again Seagate was more easily available than Lacie. But Seagate was not appearing to be entirely compatible with Apple O.S., despite some confusing material on their data sheets. I tried Western Digital, but my company’s IT support specialist said that it is not a reliable product.

So, back to Lacie – I finally found what I wanted at two different places in Mumbai simply by what I call aggressive Google searches. Ofcourse, the prices were much higher than the USD pricing, and the Warranty Period was lower than what was stipulated at Lacie website “LACIE”

Some more dilly dallying, and finally here goes the order to a local Apple reseller……who has been diligently following up with me for such a small order !

Let me get the hard disk installed and “commissioned” for backup and then write a story about the new experience. In the meanwhile, I am going to figure out how to use the new “big” storage more effectively as a “photo” and “video” server, as well as partition the same for simultaneous usage with a Windows XP laptop at home.

Have a great weekend folks,


Vijay Srinivasan
19 January 2008