Indus Cabernet Shiraz 2006

Today is Christmas Day, and I decided to open a brand new bottle of a Cabernet Shiraz hitherto unknown to me. I bought the Indus Cabernet Shiraz along with the Chenin Blanc at the Hyper City near my home, and both turned out to be winners.

I am surprised with the quality of the Nashik wines coming out of late. These are wines as good as one can get at the middle segment of Australian wine market. That India has been able to achieve this kind of quality in less than a decade compares very favourably with the Hunter Valley wines which date atleast a century back, and probably have taken a far larger national effort to achieve fame.

Indus Wines website can be located at “Indus Wines” (their website seems to be down as I write this, hopefully should come around soon).

The Cabernet Shiraz from Indus Wines is a deep crimson red in colour and displays rich, spicy fruit aromas – I found this claim to be true, though I could not get the aroma of “wild red berries”. This wine is soft and pleasant on the palate, with an excellent finish. I savoured it with some wonderful blue cheese, followed by tandoori chicken. It was delicious, and I would strongly recommend this wine to amateurish connoisseurs of red wine like me.

The pricing is Rs 450, which works out to USD 11 or SGD 16, which I thought is a good deal. Luckily, Indus Wines did not make the mistake of overpricing which would have forever relegated this good wine to the back of the retail shelves. The tripping point for local wines is somewhere around Rs 500, though people do pay atleast twice for the Australian and Chilean wines also available now in India pretty easily. However, there was no wine tasting offered, and I strongly believe this is a mistake. I have never heard of Indus Wines. The top of the mind recall has always been a Grovers’ or a Sula. Since there is no advertising, the good wines need to be recommended or tasted in suitable environment with suggestions coming from a qualified wine taster – I know that would be hard to come by, but no point in getting a recommendation from a retail salesperson who hardly knows anything about wine at all.

Anyway this is a good wine worth investing in. Enjoy !

Merry Christmas Folks,


Vijay Srinivasan
25 December 2007